We sell under the Rebox brand, new genuine, original printer cartridges. We replace scratched, torn and slightly damaged retail packaging with a new plain Rebox white box. All products supplied are manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and although provided in a plain box, all products are 100% new.


  • We offer a No hassle money back guarantee.
  • Delivery in 1-5 days to the continental US.
  • We ship same day, if you place your order before 12 PM.

Disclaimer: Brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective OEM holders and where applicable are only used to describe the item for sale. Databazaar makes no representations of a relationship, affiliation, or authorized distributorship of the copyright or trademark owner.

How Rebox is Made


Genuine Original, OEM cartridge, where the retail packaging has become damaged in transit or handling


Every cartridge is thoroughly checked


The Genuine, Original cartridge is then repackaged in the REBOX and the damaged original retails packaging is properly recycled

Asked Questions

Are your printer cartridges genuine?

Answer. Yes, the printer cartridges we supply are genuine and original manufacturer’s products where the retail packaging has been replaced due to marks, tears or because the box was opened in error. All products are 100% guaranteed by us.

What is Rebox?

Answer. Rebox is the name of the brand through which we sell printing cartridges. Rebox is also a process whereby original manufacturer’s cartridges are re-boxed into a plain white box due to the original retail packaging being torn, marked or opened in error. We take the cartridge out of its original damaged retail packaging and carefully inspect it for any form of damage. Cartridges that pass our quality control procedure are then re-packaged into plain white Rebox boxes. The old retail packaging is then properly recycled.

Is Rebox a good value for the money?

Answer. Yes, when you purchase a Rebox cartridge you save between 20-25% off OEM prices.

What does OEM stand for?

Answer. Original Equipment Manufacturer. All the products we sell are OEMs.

Do toner cartridges expire?

Answer. No. Toner is a powder and does not have an expiration date.

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