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A single-use adult face shield made of PET plastic. Features include a soft foam at the forehead with an elastic band to fit most adults. Not intended for medical use.

  • Full face protection from the droplet, dust, oil smoke, and so on.
  • Adjustable elastic and it is suitable for both children and adults.
  • Windproof, Dust-proof, Anti-droplet, Face Shield.
  • Washable and reusable. Suitable for cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing, and daily use.

COMFORT TO WEAR: Equipped with an elastic band and sponge headband, the plastic face shield is suitable for extended wear.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Full-length provides more complete coverage than typical face shields. Wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side, and front face protection.

ANTI-FOG & ANTI-STATIC: High-quality optically and distortion-free Polyester film. Treated with anti-fog and anti-static coating. Clear for maximum visibility.

Face Shield Features

  • Double protective film, high definition, and transparent.
  • Reasonably designed and used freely, and can be adjusted up and down.
  • Suitable for different head circumferences, comfortable to wear.
  • Flexible and reinforced elastic straps are securely worn and comfortable to use.
  • Effective anti-splash, anti-droplet, waterproof, dust-proof, and durable.

Soft Sponge: Premium Sponge skin-friendly sponge in contact with the skin. It is flexible and comfortable to wear. It is also easy to clean the surface.

Light and Comfortable to Wear: The elastic band can be easily adjusted to suit your head and face well, and it can be firmly fixed and comfortable to wear.

Double-Sided Anti Fog: Dental face shield with anti-fog function ensure clear vision always, no need to worry about the sight.

8.8" *12.59": Face Shield Cover area from the top of the eyebrow to the chin, protect the eyes, nose, and mouth. The full face shield is wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side and front face protection

Face Shield Specifications

Material: PET + Sponge

Size: 33cm x 22cm/12.99" x 8.66" (Approx.)

Package Includes: 1 x Face Shield (including headband/clear visor/ soft sponge)

NOTE: Remove the protective film before use.

Proper way/ how to wear a Face shield

  • Wash your hands and wear protective gloves.
  • Remove the plastic film from the outer surface of the face shield.
  • Next, turn around the shield and remove the inner film also for a clear vision.
  • Pull the band wide open and put it over the back of your head. 
  • If there is a knob instead of a band, then tighten them nicely But before that, make sure to place the strap on the temples properly.

Steps to Clean the Face Shield after using it

  • Look for a clean horizontal table for disinfecting the face shield.
  • Wash your hands and wear clean gloves to protect them from any type of infection. 
  • Take an EPA approved disinfection and non-bleach wipe. Then clean the inner and outer surface of the shield. Make sure you clean the straps, ear loops but avoid the foam.
  • If the face shield appears foggy, then clean the shield with an alcohol pad.
  • Air-dry it nicely.
  • Inspect the face shield properly for any type of damage. If it is damaged, then dispose of it. Also, ensure that you immediately get a new one.
  • Now again, clean the horizontal table with disinfectant. Remove the gloves and wash your hands.
  • Put your face shield in a sterile bag and keep it in the given place. 

Is the face shield FDA Approved?

FDA currently considers the face shields as a Class I 510(k) exempt product. As per the FDA guidance, these products do not need any FDA clearance.

As per the current FDA guidance on face shields:

  • They do not make any claim of the possession of any antiviral or antibacterial properties.
  • Face shields are not at all advised to sue during any surgical procedure. They can't be used where there is exposure to hazardous liquids or inhaled infection. If you use them, then ensure to wear a mask.
  • Avoid using them in the presence of flammable heat sources or gases.
  • You cannot replace these products with full-face respirators or surgical masks.

What is the correct position of the face shield?

The forehead band of the face shield should be placed around ½-1 inch above the eyebrows. On the other hand, the bottom of the shield should be below the chin level. 

Safety Guidelines while using the Face Shields

  • If the face shield is exposed to fire, then remove it immediately and move to fresh air.
  • When the molten polymer gets in contact with the skin, flush it with cold water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Avoid the inhalation of vapors during the manufacturing of face shields.
  • Should be stored away from heat sources and direct sunlight. 
  • Film of the face shield is sharp and hence wear gloves to avoid sharp cuts
  • The used face masks should be considered as a biohazard. It is necessary to dispose of them with proper safety measures.
  • Preferred options for disposing of are incineration, landfill dumping, and incineration with energy recovery. 
  • Always ensure that you store the face shield in a bag when it is not in use.

What is the proper storage procedure when the face shield is not in use?

If your workplace has provided a space for storing the face shields, you can keep them there. But if not, you can keep it in a plastic bag and take it to your home. Avoid using them at home, since they are meant for the working hours only. 

Is face shield an effective barrier against the COVID-19?

The team of professionals has said that face shields are a more effective deterrent against the COVID-19. These face shields are both easy to manufacture and use. They can protect a healthy person from an infected person's sneeze and cough droplets. 

Also, the shields can significantly decrease COVID-19 transmission, particularly when combined with other practices. One can practice quarantine, social distancing, and contact tracing. 

Face Shield vs. Face Mask: Which is more effective to wear during the pandemic?

  • We know that the face shield is a plastic layer that covers your entire face and is extended below the chin. This means that it provides a barrier for the things that go in and out both. On the other hand, masks cover only your nose and mouth.
  • Shields, when compared to the face masks, are reusable and easy to clean. They only require simple cleaning with disinfection wipes or soap-water. 
  • Also, shields can be worn by an individual for a longer time. They are much more comfortable than face masks.
  • As the face shields extend below the chin, it will keep your hands from touching the faces. This is an important point to note as more infection is spread through touching.
  • Wearing the face shields along with masks can provide an effective barrier. It would provide a higher degree of protection when compared to the face mask.

Can one write his/her name on the face shield?

Yes, you can write your name, which is a good idea to save it from getting misplaced. The number or name you write can be an identifier for others to not use yours by mistake. It is advised that you can do this with a label maker or permanent marker. Simply, write your name on the spot where the shield number is given. It is because from here, the name cannot be wiped off or will not disturb your vision. Avoid addition of any decorative or decals, since these could only spread infection.  

What is the proper procedure to remove the face shield?

  • As you move it forward over your head, avoid touching the front of the shield.
  • To remove the face shield, tilt your head forward slightly. 
  • For avoiding its breakage, first, loosen the knob that is on the back of the shield.
  • Then grab the strap from the temples, pull it forward.
  • Next, lift the face shield off along an upward motion of the headpiece.
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Questions About Safety Face Shield

Face shields have very quickly become a compulsion for the healthcare workers and travelers. They can remove them only while eating or when they are alone in an area. Once the employees reach their workplaces, they need to put the shield on. Ensure that it is removed as little as possible during the day. The lesser times these shields are pulled off, the better they last. You'll have to remove your face shield when entering for the thermal screening. It is because the thermal scanners found at some of the fever diagnosis entrances need an unobstructed view for proper results.

With the frequent use of the face shield, there is a film developed on it due to the air contaminants. This film makes your vision blurred and foggy. This can eventually become a problem for the wearer.

To get rid of this, you can disinfect this shield at first. Then, you can wash it with soap and hot water. This will remove the built-up layer of external elements from the face shield.

You can avoid the very common neck pain caused by face shields with the help of these techniques:

Wear the face shield properly

  • So that the weight of the face shield strap is adjusted well on top of the head
  • Next, tighten it from the back for comfort
  • Some face shields can be worn closer to the face. This will reduce the effective weight of the shield

There are a number of exercises suggested by the experts to get relief from neck pain. Some of them are:

  • Chin tucks – Stretch chin-to-chest for relaxing the muscles present at the base of the skull
  • Suboccipital release – Gently roll a tennis ball at the base of your head
  • Pectoral muscle stretching
  • Cervical rotation – Slowly rotate your head from left to right and vice versa
  • Scapular depression and retraction – Pull your shoulder blades backward and then push them downwards

This is up to the healthcare service providers to decide whether they wish to reuse it or not. However, a statement has been released by the infection control teams and physicians. They say that face shields are appropriate for the reuse when cleaned regularly throughout the day. Every hospital must develop acceptable reuse guidelines based on the product evaluation by the Infection Control department of the hospital.

No, the face shield provided via the online delivery is not sterilized. Consult the CDC for the new guidelines which are proven to be appropriate for the intended use of disinfectants.

The following materials may be necessary for cleaning:

  • Isopropanol wipe (70%)
  • Soap & water

The below mentioned are not to be used for cleaning the face shields:

  • Autoclave
  • Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization
  • Soak in isopropanol
  • Other organic solvents

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