Customer Support Services

For over two decades now, we at Databazaar have been using our award-winning mix of people, processes and technology to provide high-quality outsourced customer support services to many of America’s internet retail businesses.

Customer Support is much more than handling incoming calls. At Databazaar, we offer support to your customers through the channels most relevant to them:

  • Voice (phone or call back requests)
  • Email
  • Web tickets
  • Live chat
  • Co-browsing
  • SMS, fax, regular mail
  • Social media

We handle your entire customer support needs on a turnkey basis at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to run it yourself.

In today’s hyper-connected world, we are dedicated to providing your customers with answers anywhere they are. We monitor social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, and solve issues that turn clients into brand champions.

Our customer support services are boutique and individualized and we only provide fully dedicated (not shared) support teams for each client.

Please contact us to schedule a free consultation on how we can save you headaches and money on your customer support services.