Disposable Gloves

How to don gloves


Inspect them to be sure no pinholes are present.


If gloves are ambidextrous, they can be worn on either hand. If not, align the glove's fingers and thumb with the proper hand before donning.


Insert five fingers into the cuff and pull the cuff over the wrist.


Check for a secure fit around the fingers and palm. The cuff should fit snuggly around the wrist.

Specification of disposable gloves

  • The gloves are completely textured with properly sized fingers and palm for enhanced grip in dry or wet conditions. They can be worn very easily and give the proper fit.
  • No powder added inside or powder-free hand gloves for minimizing skin irritation.
  • The modulus of the glove is reduced for better comfort while you wear them.
  • The gloves are made a bit thicker for safety purposes. This makes them very durable and saves them from getting torn easily.
  • These disposable gloves are made up of natural rubber latex. They are creamy white.
  • They are waterproof and hence do not get wet when in contact with liquids.
  • For making the donning of disposable gloves easy and convenient it is made ambidextrous.
  • These disposable latex hand gloves have a beaded cuff which prevents it from getting removed easily.

Advantages of disposable gloves:

  • Approved by FDA
    There has been a very long history of latex's use in the manufacturing of equipment for the healthcare sector. The disposable latex hand gloves have been indicated for the protection from harmful chemicals, blood-borne microbes, and many other infectious contaminants.
  • Provides better anti-puncture protection
    The latex hand gloves are very thin but still highly durable. It makes them ideal for working with harsh chemicals or sharp objects. This way you can protect yourself from getting hurt.
  • Great fit. It has been known that latex hand gloves offer a comfortable fit when compared to their counterparts. This means the gloves will not wrinkle around your wrist and fingers which will be uncomfortable for you.
  • Available in Different Sizes. You can find these disposable latex gloves for sale in different sizes. This will make it very easy for you to wear them in your daily life to keep yourself away from contamination.

Powdered gloves vs powder-free gloves:

  • The powder-free disposable gloves go through the process of chlorination during production. This helps in making the latex gloves less form-fitting so that they can be donned on easily.
  • Also, the increased use of powdered gloves has led to many respiratory diseases after long use. In such cases, powder-free gloves are the best ones to stay safe.
  • Another benefit of using powder-free disposable gloves is that they are less messy when compared to the powdered gloves. The powdered gloves leave a residue of powder on both hands and clothes.
  • The powder-free gloves do not cause allergic reactions. Powdered gloves contain cornstarch in them that can cause allergies or sensitivity.

Safety measures while using gloves:

  • Keep changing them
    The best way to enhance the effectiveness of the gloves is changing them often. This means that you can change your gloves every time after you sanitize or wash your hands. For example, you touch your phone with the gloves and then touch your face with it. By doing this, you will transfer the germs from your phone to your face. Therefore, remove your gloves as soon as you touch them on some infection-causing surface.
  • Avoid sanitizing the gloves
    Avoid sanitizing the gloves since this reduces their effectiveness.
  • Dispose of safely
    The worn disposable gloves need to be disposed of safely. If you don't adhere to this then you will put other lives at risk, be it animals or humans.


Here is a short guide that tells you how to use the disposable latex hand gloves for protection from infection:

  • First, select the right size and then check the packing whether it is dry and intact.
  • Then wash your hands and dry them.
  • Keep the sterile pack on a dry and clean surface.
  • Remove the outer wrapper and keep the inner one intact.
  • Now carefully open the inner package. Use your forefinger & thumb of the other hand and hold its cuff.
  • Then insert your dominant hand into the glove.
  • Now use the gloved hand and pick the other glove by its thumb, Slide in your fingers under the cuff.
  • 'Glove-fit' must always be considered before donning gloves. This is done to prevent the chafing of the skin. There are a lot of chances that the glove size chosen by a wearer does not match their size. The glove selected for a good finger fit might be very tight across the hands. It can ultimately cause chafing of the skin at the back of the hand. This chafing can be sometimes mistaken as an allergic reaction also.

    Besides this, improperly fitted gloves can also make it very difficult for you to do tasks manually. They make it very difficult for you to hold or use medical devices. This can be a big risk for you if you are using them for some very critical purposes. There are times when in such cases, the wear tries holding the gloves tightly which can cause accidents or trauma.

    No, it is not at all advised that you wash and reuse the disposable hand gloves. Whenever we wear gloves there are chances that we touch some potential infectious surfaces. Cleaning them for reuse will be highly risky for you. The disposable gloves are not a destructible barrier and not designed for long time use. It has been said that reuse may increase the exposure risk to viruses via the small microscopic tears. Also, washing these gloves can ruin the integrity of the gloves, and hence it is not recommended. They become contaminated for the user after one use.

    For confirming that you are using the right pair of disposable gloves:

    • Chemical proof hand gloves
      The main function of gloves is to protect an individual from potential infection. But it is also very important that the gloves they use should not cause any allergic reaction. There are some chemicals added to the glove which can be a danger for the skin. So, make sure that you choose the gloves that are powder-free and do not harm your skin.
    • Anti-tear properties
      You must choose a durable glove that can protect you from cuts. Always prefer gloves with anti-tear properties which can help you work with sharp objects also.
    • Learn about your size
      Gloves that are too huge or tight will risk you with exposure to infection, too tight ones will tear off after some time and the loose ones will slip off from your hands. So, you must get the fit right.
    • Certifications
      The gloves should be manufactured with the compliance of ISO 13485, ISO 9002 & CE norms. The quality is monitored and checked at every level as per the cGMP. This will ensure high-quality disposable latex hand gloves.
    • You can keep the disposable gloves at a temperature below 25C. Store them away from the heat sources such as direct sunlight, boilers, and radiators.
    • Protect them from light sources such as UV rays, sunlight, or intense artificial light.
    • The storage area shouldn't be located near an ozone generating equipment such as switchgear, mercury vapor lights or electric motors.
    • Hand gloves need to be stored in ventilated areas.
    • The organic solvents, grease, and petroleum-based oils should be kept away from the gloves since this degrades the latex.
    • Contact of the disposable gloves with sharp objects can damage the packing of gloves.
    • At a humidity below 70%.
    • These are to be stored in an area where there are no rodents and are also dust-free to avoid any contamination.

    The disposable latex gloves are made up of natural rubber. These are biodegradable as the latex can break in the presence of sunlight. The microorganisms can also feed on disposable gloves when they are dumped.

    It is recommended that you apply a hand lotion onto your hands. This helps in minimizing the drying which can occur due to wearing powder-free gloves. The bacterial infection outbreaks are caused due to the contaminated hand lotions. Therefore, you must choose the hand lotions very carefully. Also, ensure that you get detailed information about the manufacturer of the lotion. They also can affect the barrier properties of the gloves. But this can be avoided to a level by using the non-oil based lotions. Since the oil-based lotions weaken the structure of latex and increase permeability.

    No, wearing disposable gloves will only give you a false sense of security as said by the WHO. It is because the viruses adhere very well to the latex and many other types of gloves. And while this if you touch your face with the infectious gloves, then it is dangerous. So, thoroughly washing hands for 20 seconds would be a better idea always. You can wear gloves but make sure that you do not touch them on your face. Also, sanitize yourself as soon as you remove them.

    These days you will get the disposable latex gloves for sale due to the pandemic outbreak. If you are using them, then make sure that you remember this for sure. After safely removing the gloves from your hands, you need to dispose of them properly. Make sure that you throw them in a trash can and not on the ground. It is better if you can follow the give three steps if possible:

    • Rinse them with bleach
    • Put in a plastic bag
    • Throw in a covered trash can

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