Social Media Marketing

Search for social media marketing services and you will find a million providers promising you the world. But how many can tell you that they have done it for themselves and know how it feels when money is wasted? We can. We are unique because we run the social media marketing for our own websites, large and small, and can make your dollars be spent effectively.

So focus on running your business while we make your presence known to the world. Schedule a free consultation now to get your business the professional business branding and social media marketing that it needs. Our low cost monthly packages include:

  • Initial phone or in-person consultation with our Miami-based social media consultant.
  • Creation of Company Page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you do not have one.
  • Creation and posting of posts daily with branded images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Pixel integration with your existing website and setting up of remarketing campaigns if required.
  • Facebook Ad creation and management (including building of custom audience) for ads. You determine your ad budget, we can recommend. (None of your ad budget pays for our services)

We can also custom create a unique package at a very affordable price for you to include additional platforms – LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. We will handle all daily correspondence, engagement and organic growth.